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On Unconscious Biases

A Cognitive Approach to Reducing the Influences of Unconscious Biases
(and much more).

The topic of unconscious biases, their influence, and how to address them has been circulating the HR / learning and development field for quite a while now.  The conversation tends to focus primarily on “social biases” – diversity, equality, racism, and prejudice – biases about other people. The 2017 “Starbucks incident” in Philadelphia that resulted in the company closing the doors of over 8000 stores in US and Canada for an entire day of “anti-bias training” brought the issue to a whole new level.

At Axiogenics, we are experts in the field of applied neuro-axiology. Neuro-axiology is the fusion of mind-brain-behavioral sciences (cognition, emotions, motivations, habits, decision-making, brain change, and learning) and formal axiology – the science of value/goodness, how we make value judgments and decisions, and how those value judgments translate into behavior and performance. It’s the science of measuring and maximizing the quality of people’s thinking as a means to maximizing value generation, performance, and quality of life.

This whitepaper is not about the problems that unconscious biases can cause nor the obvious need for training on the topic. It’s about our cutting-edge, science-based approach to L&D that not only reduces or eliminates problems associated with unconscious social biases but that helps eradicate all forms of cognitive biases that cause cultural toxicity, increased stress and conflict, underperformance, and lost potential at both the individual and organizational levels. 

Our approach does require a bit of a “tweak” to the behavior-based paradigm of mainstream L&D. But by integrating Cognitive Self-Leadership and our cognitive remodeling approach into L&D, organizations will realize a much greater ROI from ALL their learning and development efforts from onboarding to anti-bias training to talent and leadership development.

Hopefully, in this white paper and within the context of “unconscious biases,” we’ll be able to make our case for going outside the box of mainstream L&D “best practices” without triggering any conscious or unconscious biases you, the reader, may have for staying in that box. 😊

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New EARS Resolution

Make a New EARS Resolution

As you contemplate the coming year, where does your mind go? Do you wonder what the new year will bring your way as if it’s all up to chance or karma? Or, do you think about what you want to create or achieve in the coming year?

Here is a suggestion that could make a big difference in either case:

Make a New EARS Resolution.

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Learning Leaders…

Re-Think Your Thinking About Thinking

An Open Letter (and Invitation) to Learning Leaders
(and other Senior Leaders Concerned About The ROI of Leadership and Talent Development)

Dear Learning Leaders,

Thirteen years ago, my first wife passed away from cancer. Thanks to new diagnostic and treatment technologies, the form of cancer she had is much more curable today than it was then. I don’t blame her doctors for not saving her – they did the best they knew how with the technology they had at the time. Since then, medical science has made some breakthrough in their ability to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of cancer – not just the symptoms.

I believe mainstream learning and development, especially in the areas of soft skills and leadership development, is in a situation similar to where cancer treatment was 13 years ago – doing the best you can with the technology “best practices” you have. But it’s not been good enough.

The fact remains:

If you want to win a “seat at the table” you need to start producing better results.

What mainstream L&D needs is the critically important ability to identify, measure, and improve what really drives learning and performance:


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Is your life stuck in a swamp of habitual thinking?

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do you know the #1 reason people struggle to achieve the things they want, or plateau in their performance, or have trouble making their relationships work better, or feel stuck in their current circumstances?

It’s that they get stuck in their ways of thinking and don’t know how to get themselves unstuck. Ironically, many people don’t know they are stuck. Most people are quite convinced that their way of thinking is “right” or “best.” And yet, they still struggle to achieve the things they want.

George Bernard Shaw wrote, “All progress requires change and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything.

How well you think determines how well you live.

If you want to live different/better, you need to learn how to think different/better. And by the way, “thinking positive” isn’t necessary better!

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Turning Potential into Performance

Turn Potential into Performance by Maximizing Your COGNITIVE ASSETS For All They’re Worth.

Setting the Stage

What really drives performance?

Most people would say knowledge, talent, skills, actions, and behaviors are the key drivers. In reality, …

… thinking is the catalyst that turns potential (knowledge, talent, skills) into performance (actions and behaviors).

If you want to elicit
better performance,
you need a way to elicit
better thinking.

The fastest and most effective way to elicit better performance, is to elicit better thinking. Thankfully, most people are already capable of far better thinking – they just need a way to tap into that potential.

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Partners on Purpose (Free eBook)

Partners on PurposeTM

The quality of your life is greatly determined by the quality of your relationships. In both life and business, one extraordinary partnership can be the most valuable asset you have.  Yet, such extraordinary partnership are incredibly rare simply because few people know how to create them.

Extraordinary Partnerships don’t happen by chance, they are created on purpose.

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The Central Question
of Life, Love, and Leadership:

“What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

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