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As a coach or a counselor, you deal with your clients’ thinking every day. In fact, your effectiveness as a coach or counselor is, in many ways, measured by the positive impact you have on your client’s everyday thinking in terms of helping them to develop greater clarity and wisdom. 

Every person is unique. Because every person has had a unique set of life experiences, they also have a unique set of “lenses” through which they see themselves and the world.  Each of these lenses is a different way of thinking; a different perspective.

Imagine if you could have deep and objective insights into your client’s unique thinking “lenses”, perhaps even before your first session. What if you could not only get insights about which lenses are clouding their view, but also about the specific lenses (ways of thinking) that are already crystal clear, and that can help them make better choices?

That’s what a VQ Profile combined with our NCRT methodology can do. Our tools and methods are not designed as replacements for what you do as a professional, but rather, a dramatic enhancement that easily integrates into what you do.

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The Central Question
of Life, Love, and Leadership:

“What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

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