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  • We have been conducting research into the issues and challenges faced by organizations regarding Talent, Leadership, and Organizational Development. To validate our initial findings, we would be grateful if you would take 3-5 minutes to respond to the following series of 10 questions. For questions 8-10, please provide as much detail as you are willing.

    NOTE: Responses are 100% anonymous, so please feel free to share any and all thoughts 🙂


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    2. Too many departments "doing their own thing" due to a lack of a consistent, cohesive organization-wide strategy.
    3. Getting buy-in, support, and active participation from management for learning and/or change initiatives.
    4. Leaders and managers don't seem to be on the same page regarding the organization's purpose, mission, culture, and values.
    5. We're so busy dealing with things that are urgent, we don't have time to address the things that are important.
    6. People are too stuck in their thinking and are resistant to change.

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