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If your L&D is not producing the results and ROI you want…

If your people are not producing the results you want… 

… before you even think about putting people through another leadership or talent development program or spending a dime creating one, we suggest exploring how our revolutionary, brain-science based, value-driven approach can add tremendous power, value, and ROI to your efforts.

Find out why some people believe that with NCRT and Cognitive Self-Leadership we’ve discovered “The Holy Grail” of Leadership and Talent Development.

Here is a short 6-minute video overview of the importance and unprecedented benefits of our approach…
(Turn on your speakers.)

For a deeper dive into our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 Program itself, click here.

Or Even Better…

If you are the adventurous type, we invite you to get a FREE personal experience of both the VQ Profile and our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program. But we warn you, the experience could radically alter your view of what’s constitutes “best practices” in leadership and talent development.

The “First Steps Experience” is essentially a 1-hour (or so) version of our the Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program. Not only is this a great demonstration of how well the VQ Profile and NCRT work, but it is also a true coaching / training session.

You will come away from the experience with a very powerful, highly personalized set of Valuegenic Self-Leadership principles and practices that you can put to immediate work in your achieving something that is important to you. We promise, you’ve never had an experience like this before. (But you’ll probably want more of them!) Of course, it’s also an opportunity to many of your questions answered.

Once you have this experience, you’ll understand why Valuegenic Self-Leadership really is a Master core competency and why you’ll want to integrate this amazing methodology at the core of ALL your learning and development programs.

Which “next step” would work best for you?


The Central Question
of Life, Love, and Leadership:

“What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

Our book…

~ Stephen R. Covey

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