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“I can see people’s behaviors. What I can’t see is how they think – and it’s their thinking that I most need to understand.” ~ Company CEO.

Some of the most expensive mistakes that leaders, recruiters, hiring managers, succession planners, and early-stage investors make are rooted in the hopes, assumptions, and guesses they must make regarding people’s thinking and their future performance potential.

More accurately, the hopes, assumptions, and guesses they MUST make because they haven’t had a reliable way to know how a person’s unique ways of thinking can and will influence their performance.

We help solve that problem.

The Axiogenics VQ Profile assessment is a scientific1, objective, and actionable diagnosis of how and how well a person currently thinks from each of 36 unique perspectives (ways of thinking). Imagine that each of these perspectives is like a set of filtering lenses through which we perceive and make meaning of things – ALL things – both consciously and sub/unconsciously.

We all have some good ways of thinking, which we call “cognitive assets“, and some habitual, not-so-good ways of thinking, which we call “cognitive biases and liabilities.” Would it surprise you to know that people’s habits and cognitive biases and liabilities control or influence, on average, over 90% of their choices, actions, reactions, and interactions (behavior and performance)? It’s true.

Unlike a personality or behavioral assessment and unlike any self-report survey-based assessment, a VQ Profile assesses the cognitive processes that drive ALL decisions and behaviors and, therefore, performance. The results of a VQ Profile are reported in a way that does not label or categorize people, but is objective, practical, and actionable.

In addition to being a true game-changer for personal, leadership, and talent development, an Axiogenics VQ Profile can give you the “inside scoop” on people’s thinking before you decide who to trust, hire, promote, invest in, or partner with. With the information a VQ Profile provides, you can eliminate much of the guess-work and risk.

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1 Click here for information on how the assessment has been scientifically-validated.


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