The [Cognitive] Self-Leadership 1-2-3 Program

One program with three simple steps that can:

  • unlock talent and wisdom
  • integrate and significantly enhance other trainings
  • help people develop and apply other new skills
  • dramatically improve individual and organizational performance
  • improve people’s lives, careers, and relationships
  • transform entire cultures



The Axiogenics Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program is unlike anything you’re likely to have seen before. Using objective insights and specific information gained from a VQ Profile Assessment, the program uses the cutting-edge principles and practices of NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling) to teach people the foundational core competency / master life skill of Cognitive Self-Leadership:

The purposeful practice of engaging one’s best ways of thinking
in any and all circumstances that matter.

But that’s just the beginning! The principles and practices of Cognitive Self-Leadership will enhance the development of virtually any other competency.

In fact, Cognitive Self-Leadership isn’t just a foundational core competency, it is also universally applicable. Can you think of a single job, role, or activity within an organization that wouldn’t benefit from people using their best ways of thinking?

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Self-Leadership 1-2-3
Three Simple Steps, Countless Possibilities. Unprecedented Results.

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Our “First Steps Intro Experience” gives you the opportunity to take the VQ Profile Assessment and have a 1-hour coaching session during which we will teach you the basic principles and practices of the Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program using some of your own assessment results. You will come away with this experience with actionable new tools to put to immediate work in your life.  

Even better, just sign up for the program! We have private, group, and self-study plus offerings.

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The Central Question
of Life, Love, and Leadership:

“What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

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~ Stephen R. Covey

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