VQ for Leadership and Talent Development

VQ Profiling for Leadership & Talent Development

Leadership is about influencing how people think, uniting them behind a common purpose, and motivating them to apply their effort, knowledge, skill, talent, wisdom, and resources toward the fulfillment of that purpose. Good leadership is essential for organizational success. A lack of leadership, or worse, poor leadership, can destroy a company. 

Unfortunately, with the exodus of aging baby-boomers from the workforce, there is a looming shortage of people who are deemed capable of take over the reigns of leadership.

Sadly, current mainstream leadership development approaches cannot fill the gap fast enough.

We believe we know why. In fact, we KNOW we know why. It’s because current mainstream leadership development is overly-focused on how to lead other people to do what they are supposed to do, and not enough on how to lead one’s self. 

Great Leadership Starts with Great Self-Leadership.

Self-leadership is about influencing one’s own thinking: linking and uniting one’s own thinking and efforts toward the fulfillment of a clear, compelling, and worthy purpose, sustaining the personal motivation to persevere, and to learning, growing, changing, and adapting as needed. 

Of course thinking – good thinking – is essential for the development and application of most any skill or competency.  

A significant part of self-leadership is self-understanding and a VQ Profile assessment provides people with important and actionable insights into how they think and make decisions. A VQ Profile also provides the key information needed to learn, practice, and develop the Master Core Competency of Cognitive Self-Leadership

A VQ Profile identifies a person “best and worst” ways of thinking, or as we call them Cognitive Assets and Liabilities. Cognitive Self-Leadership enables a person to maximize their Cognitive Assets and minimize their Cognitive Liabilities to optimize their learning and performance – in any situation or endeavor, including leadership

Imagine for a moment how the work of leadership would change if the people they lead became skilled practitioners of Cognitive SELF-Leadership, fully aligned and focused on the vision and mission of the organization. The need for leaders to deal with “people problems” would be greatly reduced and leaders could focused more on organizational strategy and growth.



1 Click here for information on how the assessment has been scientifically-validated.


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