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For the FULL WBECS Summit, Peter Demarest will be conducting a 2-part webinar on Thursday, October 15th (9am ET and 5pt ET). The first session will go deeper into the principles of neuro-axiology and practices you can apply to yourself and your coaching and OD clients. The second session will be a live, group coaching demo of what the neuro-axiology, NCRT, and the VQ Profile makes possible for anyone who takes the VQ Profile assessment in advance. See the sign-up form below.

Want to have a personal experience of what neuro-axiology and NCRT can do for you and your coaching? If you are signed up or will be signing up for the WBECS FULL Summit, submit the form at right to let us know. In mid-September, we will send you a special link to take the VQ Profile® Assessment (15 minutes) in preparation for our WBECS 2-part FULL Summit session on October 15th, 2020. For our second session that day, we will be conducting an Introductory Self-Leadership Group Coaching Session for all those who take the assessment. Discover and start maximizing your A-Game!
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Want to to learn more about getting trained and certified as an Axiogenics Self-Leadership / Neuro-Axiological Coach? Click the badge at right.

Note: New cohorts are forming now to start in July and August.


Perhaps you would like to take a deeper dive into how NCRT and Self-Leadership coaching works. Our Self-Leadership Institute website has videos that explain it in pretty good detail.

Want a way to take a deeper dive into the science for less than $20 or less. Read our book, Answering The Central Question or the story of Dr. Hartman’s life and work: Freedom to Live: The Robert S. Hartman Story. 
Got questions or have something you would like to discuss or explore with us? Let’s talk! Use the button at right to schedule a call with Peter Demarest.  

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