“Progress is impossible without change
and those who cannot change their minds,
cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


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The ONE THING that your best practices in evaluating a candidate’s potential for success can’t tell you is: how they THINK.  Thinking is the catalyst that turns potential into performance.

An Axiogenics “VQ Profile” is an objective, scientifically-validated, and accurate diagnosis of the nature and quality of a person’s thinking from 36 different perspectives. It identifies their Cognitive Assets, Biases and Liabilities – how they think – and explains the impact that these can have on their performance.

A VQ Profile can tell you things about how your candidate thinks that no personality or behavioral assessment, interview, resume, or reference can tell you.

power_in_science Based in the science of neuro-axiology (value science + brain science), and unlike self-report assessments, a VQ Profile cannot be faked or manipulated. It meets all appropriate criteria and standards as a viable tool for use in pre-hiring evaluation.

Having diagnosed the thinking of over 10,000 people, we’ve discovered few things: 

  • Everyone has some good ways of thinking (Cognitive Assets) and some not-so-good-ways of thinking (Cognitive Biases and Liabilities)
  • Statistically, the average person has 4.7 times more Cognitive Biases-Liabilities than Assets.
  • Unfortunately, Cognitive Biases and Liabilities tend to drive or influence the vast majority of people’s behaviors and, thus, their performance.
  • All failure, under-performance, and cultural toxicity arises from the negative influence of Cognitive Biases and Liabilities.
  • Maximum potential and performance arises from thinking based in one’s Cognitive Assets.
  • If you can know your candidates’ Cognitive Assets, Biases and Liabilities before you hire them, you can make much better hiring decisions.

“We have been using Axiogenics to evaluate potential employees for over 9 years. Ultimately, we want to know if the candidate is a good fit for both the job and our organization. Axiogenics is the best we’ve ever found to help us answer that question. We won’t hire anyone without having the critical insights that Axiogenics provides.”

~ Trish Carter, HR Manager, A&M Label

How the service works: 

You simply give your candidate a special link to our assessment system. It only takes about 15 minutes for them to complete the assessment and we send you the 40+ page report shortly thereafter.

value_in_resultsThen in a 30-45 minute phone consultation we help you explore the potential benefits and risks of hiring that person for the job you have in mind. We’ll also identify those areas of their thinking you may want to dig deeper into during the final interviews.

Your investment for this service is just $350 per candidate assessment and consultation, but the value of the insights you receive will be priceless.

Post-Hire Coaching Services

Obviously, you’ll want to get your new-hire up to speed as quickly as possible and probably already have a formal or informal onboarding process in place.

However, since we’ve already diagnosed how your new employee thinks, what if we could quickly help you help them make the best use of the best thinking?

One of our flagship developmental programs is called Self-Leadership 1-2-3. It is a process in which a person learns the masterskill of Cognitive Self-Leadership:

The practice of engaging ones BEST WAYS OF THINKING
in any and all circumstances that matter.

We (or you, if trained and certified) can offer the complete or a “quick-start” version of this program to your new employee as part of the onboarding process to get them off to the best possible start.

In addition, we can work with the new-hire’s supervisor to help them understand and effectively lead their new employee. 

Over the past 20 years I’ve taken the VQ Profile system into three different organizations. This system provides highly focused and accurate insights into how people think and operate and has made major differences in candidate selection, onboarding, and talent development. 

~ Loic Couraud, HR Manager – Clark Construction

AxiogenicsHR is just one part of a comprehensive and cohesive suite principle-based, science-driven services we provide to organizations that want to maximize the value they create for all their stakeholders.

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