Why Become an
Axiogenics Certified Partner Coach?

Because you want to make a bigger difference for more people and/or organizations, and…

… because you want to be able to deliver
the most effective, game-changing,
science-based coaching, training,
and consulting services
on the planet.

What Does it Mean to be an Axiogenics "Partner" Coach?

It means we don’t just train and certify professional coaches and consultants to use our leading-edge tools, systems, methodologies, and processes, we “partner” with them to unleash the best in human potential through the science of neuro-axiology.

Axiogenics Certified Partner Coaches deliver services to a huge range of individual, team, and organizational clientele in virtually every walk of life and business. They have the tools, knowledge, skills, and materials to deliver game-changing transformational coaching and consulting no matter who their target client, market, or niche may be. 

Axiogenics Coaching is somewhat different than traditional mainstream coaching. Based in our “NCRT” (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling) methodology our clients learn how to apply the science-driven principles and practices of Valuegenic Self-Leadership so that they become self-empowered and actualized in bringing more of their A-Game at will and in any worthwhile endeavor long after the coaching engagement comes to an end.

However, great coaching skills still matter and most of our coaches come to us with some level of prior coach training or experience.

Our global family of coaches enjoys open access to an unprecedented level of ongoing training and support to help further their knowledge, skills, and success.


Training and Certification Process Overview

The first step in becoming an Axiogenics Certified Partner Coach is to have completed our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 program with one of our Certified Partner Coaches — becoming a “product of the process” of becoming a Valuegenic Self-Leader. 

Following completion of the Self-Leadership program, our formal coach training includes a 75-minute online self-study video course, about 24 hours of live interactive group training over 8-12 weeks, 6 hours of private mentoring as you work with your first “Self-Leadership 1-2-3” clients, and a certification exam process.

Ready to Learn More? Let’s Talk!

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