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Minimize the risk of making an unfortunate hiring decision.

With our Candidate VQ Profiling Assessment Services, we can tell you things about how your candidate thinks that no personality or behavioral assessment, interview, resume, or reference can tell you. In fact, your candidate probably couldn’t even tell you if they tried.

Things that you usually only discover after it’s too late.

We can show you, for example, the hidden assets your candidate has that might not be obvious from their resume or in an interview. We can also show you the risk factors you really need to know about that also will not show up in any resume.

Our goal isn’t just to help you weed out the high-risk candidates that look great on paper and in interviews, but also to help you find the true diamonds in the rough — and to give you the insights you need to effectively lead them to high-performance and success.

Based in the science of neuro-axiology (value science + brain science), and unlike self-report assessments, a VQ Profile cannot be faked or manipulated. It meets all appropriate criteria and standards as a viable tool for use in pre-hiring evaluation.

Put us to the Test (for FREE!)

If you are in a position to select or recommend tools to help your company make better hiring decisions, we’d like to give you a personal demonstration of how our VQ Profile assessment measures thinking and why our clients say things like…

“We have been using Axiogenics to evaluate potential employees for over 9 years. Ultimately, we want to know if the candidate is a good fit for both the job and our organization. Axiogenics is the best we’ve ever found to help us answer that question. We won’t hire anyone without having the critical insights that Axiogenics provides.”

~ Trish Carter, HR Manager, A&M Label

+ + +

“Over the past 20 years I’ve taken the VQ Profile system into three different organizations. This system provides highly focused and accurate insights into how people think and operate and has made major differences in candidate selection, onboarding, and talent development.”

~ Loic Couraud, HR Manager – Clark Construction

If you submit the request form below, we’ll set you up to take the Assessment online (it only take about 15 minutes) and then we will give you a FREE consultation regarding your own results. Of course, if you prefer to speak with us first, we’re happy to do that as well.


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