Having scientifically assessed the thinking of over 10,000 people, we’ve discovered that:

the #1 cause of people’s under performance is  
being stuck in habitual or reactive ways of thinking.

It not only undermines one’s own performance, it undermines other people’s performance too. Some of the more obvious symptoms that people are stuck in their thinking include: 

  • Hesitancy to engage, commit, speak-up, or take the lead
  • Repetitive interpersonal complaints, conflicts, and drama
  • Dysfunctional, non-collaborative teams
  • Unhealthy interdepartmental competition and protectionism
  • Chronic resistance to growth and/or change
  • Learning and development programs that make too little difference

In addition to all of that, we have also discovered that very few people are “stuck” in good ways of thinking. On the contrary, most people’s thinking is dominated by less than optimal ways of thinking – their “Cognitive Biases and Liabilities.”


The Solution:

Measure and Maximize the Quality Of People’s Thinking.

As pioneers in the application of cutting-edge cognitive sciences, we’ve developed an innovative, highly-effective way for people to learn how to get unstuck and to think better, work smarter, achieve more, and stress less.

We start by identifying the best and worst in people’s thinking and then training them in the master skill of…”

Cognitive Self-Leadership

The purposeful practice of engaging one’s best ways of thinking
in any and all circumstances that matter.


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What People are Saying…
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  • “I have been involved in self-improvement and leadership programs for over three decades, and nothing I have ever experienced compares with Axiogenics! This is not another program that sits on the shelf! The things I have learned are so effective and the benefits are immediate and effect both how I feel and what I accomplish. This is a true 'game changer' for anyone that chooses to study Axiogenics. It changed my life!

    ~ Donna Nelson
    - Havasu Success Coaching

  • "A very powerful system that has become the cornerstone for our leadership training."

    ~ Steve Koon, Manager OD

  • “We have been using Axiogenics to evaluate potential employees for over 9 years. Ultimately, we want to know if the candidate is a good fit for both the job and our organization. Axiogenics is the best we've ever found to help us answer that question. We won't hire anyone without having the critical insights that Axiogenics provides.”

    ~ Trish Carter, HR Manager, A&M Label

  • "I always thought life was simple but we complicate it in an effort to feel important or intellectual. I did not exactly know that our minds hold so much power as to sabotage us so subtly and for so long. Axiogenics has helped me to rediscover the simplicity of success in all activities, be they mundane or life changing. I would recommend The Self Leadership Program to everyone who is seeking renewed excitement in the art of living."

    ~ David Njau

  • "This was such a valuable program for self-leadership! The better any leader can get at leading themselves, they will see exponential improvements in their ability to lead others and lead their organization. In this program, individuals gain objective insight into how they see and think about the world. It is a humbling experience as well as empowering because the process takes this beyond rhetoric to real-life transformation. I would recommend this program to every leader."

    ~ Lisa Teets, Think Possibility!

  • "This program turned my life around and played a major role in helping me build a very effective team."

    ~ Tom Reder, Bergman Associate

  • "I wouldn’t want to work for a company that doesn’t have this as the centerpiece of their culture and training."

    ~ Kyle S., MBA Student

  • "This was a life-changing process. I came to better understand what has kept me from greater successes but, more importantly, it taught me how to apply my own talents and wisdom to get there. I find myself more thoughtful of others, more action oriented, and less apt to procrastination. I have learned to think differently and more deliberately, yet my new and more positive behaviors are becoming my new normal – requiring less and less effort. I am eternally grateful for this program.”

    ~ CJ Rice, PMP

  • "I have experienced many coaching models and have had some destructive experiences. So I was cautious, but curious. I got so much value from this course. I starting shifting things and seeing positive change even after pre-reading the materials. This work has legs! I highly recommend it! The way the work is set up reduces, if not eliminates, the idea that someone is uncoachable. I strongly encourage people to experience it first hand for themselves." 

    ~ Brooke Lieb

  • "I think you have found the ‘Holy Grail’."

    ~ David Wragg, HR Executive

  • "Over the past 20 years I’ve taken the VQ Profile system into three different organizations. This system provides highly focused and accurate insights into how people think and operate and has made major differences in candidate selection, onboarding, and talent development." 

    ~ Loic Couraud, HR Manager,
    Clark Construction

  • “I say this without hyperbole: I am indebted to what I learned in the Axiogenics Program. The program has helped me both professionally and personally. From the onset, the training served as a personal laboratory that increased the overall awareness of my own thinking patterns and triggers, which were blocking my desired outcomes. I am grateful to have found Axiogenicsand, indeed, my future looks brighter than ever!”

    ~ Bryan Sykes

  • "This system provides highly focused and accurate insight on how people think and operate and has made major differences in how our people handle their jobs and manage their people."

    ~ Loic Couraud, HR Manager,
    Clark Construction

  • “As a leadership development coach I am particularly tuned in to the importance of understanding perceptions in various situations. The Axiogenics VQ profile is one of the best tools I’ve discovered. The coaching process helped me to reflect deeply on my strengths, identify barriers to my success, and gave me sustainable strategies for creating meaningful changes. I highly recommend Axiogenics as a valuable set of tools for executive transformational change. “

    ~ Sandy Carter, MBA, PhD,
    Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • "There have been many times in my interaction with others that something will go awry. The question immediately asked is "what happened?" Well utilizing the Axiogenics process will help answer the question. This program is AMAZING!"

    ~ Kathy Weitzel

  • “As a successful personal and business coach for over 25 years, taking precious time to engage in the kind of personal and professional development that can propel me forward has always been important. Axiogenics and NCRT is way beyond, yet so much more practical, applicable, and actionable than anything else I've ever seen, including 20 years of studying axiology."

    ~ Judy Sabah, Master Certified Coach

    The Central Question
    of Life, Love, and Leadership:

    “What choice can I make and action can I take, in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

    A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

    Our book…

    ~ Stephen R. Covey

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    in Print and Kindle

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