HVP / VQ Validity Studies

VQ / HVP Validity Studies…

VQ Profile is based on an assessment instrument called the “Hartman Value Profile” (HVP), created by the late Dr. Robert S. Hartman in the 1960s. The assessment is based on the mathematical science of formal axiology. Today, the copyright of the HVP is owned by the Robert S. Hartman institute at the University of Tennessee.

The method of the HVP is predicated on the recognition (more recently confirmed by cognitive sciences) that a person thinking (and related emotions) are determined by what we now call the individual’s Personal Value Hierarchy (PVH). This PVH is like a set of filters through which the person sees and evaluates themselves and the world around them.  The HVP / VQ measure that hierarchy.  

Over the past several decades, numerous scientific studies have been conducted by a number of organization to measure the validity and reliability of the instrument.

Validity: Does the instrument measure what it claims to measure?

Both construct and concurrent validity studies prove that the HVP measures what it claims to measure with accuracy exceeding 99%.

Reliability: Are the results of the instrument consistent or generated by chance?

These studies show an level of reliability exceeding 97%. Meaning, less than 3% of result could be attributes to chance.

E.E.O.C.: Does the assessment instrument unfairly discriminate in any way based on race, sex/gender, or age?

No. The HVP meets the requirements of the E.E.O.C. (USA Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) for use in employment situations, including pre-hiring assessments.

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