Jumpstart Report Renaming Survey

  • When we first created the "Jumpstart" report. We were not clear exactly how it would be used. It is now very clear that it is the BEST report for use with the Self-Leadership 1-2-3 materials/process.

    However, the name "Jumpstart Report" doesn't really express what it contains or the purpose it serves. So we are looking to change the name of the report and would like your input.

    Keep in mind that it is NOT a complete report and contains 12 perspectives - typically the 8 lowest scoring Biases and the 4 most important/valuegenic Assets (highest in HOV).

    • Self-Discovery Report
    • Mindset Mastery Report
    • Mindset Optics Report
    • So, I’m NOT really crazy? Report
    • Self-Leadership Development Report
    • Key Assets and Biases Report
    • VQ Essentials Report
    • Jumpstart Report
    • Essential Insights Report
  • Make your vote count!!

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