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6-Week Self-Leadership 1-2-3 GROUP Coaching Program
L&D Philly Member Price:
$995 as low as $799 for one person or $1,198 for two partners (see note below)

— or —

Bundle: Self-Leadership 1-2-3 Group Coaching and Coach Training and Certification
L&D Philly Member Price:
$2,245 as low as $1,602 for one person or $2,804 for two partners (see note below)

Note About Partner Pricing – Please understand that the partner discount is intended for people who are close co-workers within the same organization or for partnering with a significant other / spouse. It is NOT intended and will not be honored as a way for two “friends” to merely save on fees


Wednesdays @ 5pm ET Starting February 13

Tuesdays @ 12pm ET Starting April 2

Next coaching trainings will be available in webinar or in-person format starting in April, 2019.

IMPORTANT: Use discount code “ldphl2019“on registration / payment forms to unlock these special discounts and prices. Payment plans are also available.

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Got questions? Call me : 484-840-1095

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