“Progress is impossible without change
and those who cannot change their minds,
cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Our work is based in a Ground-Breaking Science
for Unleashing Human Potential:

Brain Science + Value Science

Many human sciences, including neuroscience and axiology, have come to the realization that the mind-brain is, in fact, value-perception/judgment driven. That is, value, values, and value judgments drive many, if not most or even all, of the processes of both the brain and the mind, including our sub-conscious habits of mind. Think about it—have you ever made a conscious choice that wasn’t, at that moment, an attempt to add greater value at some level?

Axiology is the study of value, values, and value judgments. Formal (scientific) axiology provides key insights and tools on two levels: (1) the objective structure of value in nature and (2) the subjective nature of human value perceptions and judgments that lead to all human choices, actions, and reactions.

Neuro-axiology is the integration formal axiology and cognitive neuroscience (how we think), emotional neuroscience (how we feel), and neuroplasticity (how we change). While both formal axiology and neuroscience have existed for many decades, it’s the integration of these that as led to game-changing new approaches, systems, and technologies (applied neuro-axiology and NCRT) relating to increasing human potential, performance, and quality of life.

bjqtndosThe “father” of the formal science of axiology is Dr. Robert S. Hartman. It was Dr. Hartman that discovered what is called the Hierarchy of Value, which represents the objective structure of value. Dr. Hartman, a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, also developed the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), an assessment instrument that allow us to measure how well an individual’s personal (subjective) value hierarchy aligns with the (objective) Hierarchy of Value. His assessment has been scientifically tested and validated for over 60 years. Today, the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) has become an essential diagnostic and learning tool in the field of neuro-axiology (more about this below).

Axiogenics™ is the technology of applied neuro-axiology: the neuro-axiological principles and practices that allow us to generate greater value in our daily lives. Axiogenics is not some rehashed mystical, moral, or religious philosophy, nor is it a newfangled twist on the rhetoric of so-called “success gurus.” It is a fresh, new paradigm for personal, leadership, and organizational development. It is a science-driven, strengths-focused technology for deliberately unleashing one’s own human potential and for creating positive changes in how we think, how we perceive, the kinds of choices we make, and the actions we take.

Our book, Answering The Central Question, to our knowledge, is the first book ever published on the topic.

Axiogenics® (applied neuro-axiology) is based on four core principles. They are:

  1. Value drives success in all endeavors.
    The more value you can create the more success and happiness you can achieve.
  2. Your mind-brain is already value-driven.
    The human mind-brain has a genetic disposition and desire to create value.
  3. There is an objective, universal Hierarchy of Value.
    While value is a subjective judgment in our minds, in nature, the relative value of all things (tangible and intangible) is concrete and objective. Axiology reveals and proves what can best be described as the “Universal Laws of Value-Dynamics” (the nature and structure of value, and the process of value creation and destruction), with every bit as much mathematical rigor, predictability, measurability, and observability as the laws of physics.
  4. Accurately answering The Central Question is the key
    to maximizing your success.

    The Central Question of Life, Love and Leadership is:
    “What choice can I make and action can I take,
    in this moment, to create the greatest net value?”

    The greater our ability to make accurate value judgments (consistent with the Hierarchy of Value), the greater our ability to make good choices and take actions that create greater net value. By learning and applying neuro-axiological principles and practices, people become more adept at consistently and accurately answering The Central Question.

One of the principle tools of neuro-axiology is the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), originally  developed by Dr. Robert Hartman. Based on new understanding of the mind-brain, we now use the HVP to assess a person’s “inner operating system” producing what we call a “VQ  Assessment Report.” (VQ =Value (judgment) intelligence Quotient). A VQ profile consists of 36 measurements with a VQ score for each. Each measurement relates to the current quality of a person’s value perception and judgment from each of 36 unique axiological perspectives. A perspective with a very high-VQ score is a Cognitive Asset, while a low-VQ score indicates a Cognitive Bias and an area of potential challenge (A Cognitive Liability).

Cognitive Biases (Low VQs) tend to be the source of people’s greatest challenges and stresses while Cognitive Assets support greater success and happiness. Unfortunately, for most people, the Biases tend to run the subconscious habits of mind and, therefore, run the show.

Click here to download a more detailed whitepaper on
the VQ Profile and What Makes it Different.

However, high VQs are genuine areas of strength and wisdom that can easily be unlocked through conscious choice and effort. In fact, through simple and sound neuro-axiological practices we are able to teach people how to instantly eliminate the negative influence of low VQs and to tap into the brilliance of their high VQs in any moment.

Moreover, because this process is consistent with the mechanics of neuroplasticity (how thinking habits are formed and reformed), with practice and time, the low VQs become de-habitualized while the strengths become stronger habits of mind.

Our technology and the approach we take to personal, leadership, relationship, and organizational development is revolutionary in that we are able to give people a set of science-based principles and practices that are applicable, holistic, powerful, transformative, and effective for ALL people regardless of their past, current, and future circumstances, roles, goals, aspirations, or challenges. 

We call this technology of applied neuro-axiology, NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology), because it literally is a way for a person to “remodeling” their own thinking so they can achieve more of the things they want to achieve. 

Beyond the Individual

In addition to providing a powerful system for personal transformation, our technology also has profound implications for organizational transformation and optimization.

Watch this video for an brief explanation of why Axiogenics is so unique and powerful as a system for both personal and organizational transformation.

We invite anyone with a desire to unleash their own potential and/or the potential of others to learn and apply the principles and practices of neuro-axiology in their own life, family, organization, or community.

We’re inviting thought-leaders, business leaders, coaches, OD/LD/TD professionals and consultants to become trained and certified in the technology so they help lead the way to a brighter future for all.