“Progress is impossible without change
and those who cannot change their minds,
cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw


Are you a Training and Development Specialist?

Based on decades of research and development in mind-brain science and adult learning we’ve put together a FREE Ten-Point Checklist of attributes that a training and development process must have in order to produce significant and lasting improvements (in addition to the basic subject-matter content).

  • If any of your training and development programs are falling short in producing the kind of lasting results you need to deliver, perhaps there is something on this Checklist that will help you discover what may be missing.
  • If you’re having trouble making the case to executives of the value of training and development, maybe there is some missing key ingredient, the absence of which reduces ROI and casts doubt on your value proposition.
  • If people’s performance or the organization’s culture still isn’t where you want it to be, despite all your KPI measurements, 360 surveys, behavior and personality assessments, feedback processes, incentive programs, talent management, development, retention systems, refined hiring practices, and the good intentions of your Vision, Missions, and Values statements (whew!), …Ya gotta ask…

What are we missing?

Our free “Ten Point Checklist of a GOOD Talent Development Program” could help you put your finger on what’s missing. Perhaps even some things that you didn’t realize were missing. At the very least it will give you a fresh perspective from which to think about the programs and processes that you are currently using and are they really “GOOD”?

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Ten-Point Checklist of a GOOD
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