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Our Value Proposition

We provide early-stage investors with cost-effective, low-risk, high-impact services that can reduce risks and increase returns by solving two of their biggest problems – problems they may not fully realize they have or have a way to solve. These two problems are likely costing them and most of their portfolio companies a ton of money, headache, heartache, lost talent, and lost potential.

The Problem(s)

THINKING is the catalyst that turns potential into performance.

Statistically, 70%-90% of the companies that early-stage investors invest in greatly under-perform or fail to produce an ROI. The #1 cause of under-performance and failure is people problems and the problems that people problems cause. All of which start with people’s thinking – thinking that leads to attitudes, decisions, and behaviors that get in the way of success. Conversely, good thinking is a talent needed for success.

Given these facts and statistics, here is what we believe are the two biggest problems that early-stage investors have:

  1. You have no good way to objectively assess the quality of people’s thinking before you invest in them, and…
  2. You have no good way to significantly improve people’s thinking
    after you invest in them.

Our Solutions

We Objectively MEASURE the Quality of People’s THINKING.

First, we have a scientifically-validated way to quickly, objectively, and accurately diagnose how and how well people think. In about 15 minutes, our online proprietary assessment system identifies a person’s Cognitive Assets (their best ways of thinking) and their potential Cognitive Liabilities (their less-than-best ways of thinking).

By integrating our VQ Profile® assessment services into your due diligence process, we can provide critical insights into how the management team thinks and how that can impact performance.

Understanding the management team’s Cognitive Assets and Liabilities will be far more telling and useful, relative to future performance, than understanding their financial assets and liabilities or their P&L projections.

Then we can MAXIMIZE the Quality of People’s THINKING and the CULTURE.

Post-investment, we can provide highly-effective, data-driven coaching, training, and OD consulting services to further reduce the risks of people and performance problems that often show up in the exciting, high-pressure months that follow. Our innovative approach is substantially different from mainstream leadership and organizational development approaches. Our focus is on maximizing value generation by:

  1. Maximizing the quality of people’s thinking by training people to make greater use of their Cognitive Assets and reduce their Cognitive Liabilities (Self-Leadership)
  2. Executive leadership coaching to help the management team develop the skills to effectively lead the rest of the team
  3. Optimizing the culture for teamwork, execution, growth, agility, and sustainability
  4. Helping to ensure that the right people and talent join the team as the company grows.

How Soon Can We Talk?

You may be skeptical (we don’t blame you). But if you think that what we do is “like” anything you have seen before, think again. If you think your current due diligence is good enough to determine and predict how people think, think again. If you don’t think measuring and maximizing people’s thinking will help you make more money, create more jobs, and unleash greater innovation, think again!

Are currently conducting due diligence on a deal?
Do you have portfolio companies that are under-performing and/or headed towards failure?
Let me demonstrate the power of what we do to help you do what you do better.

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