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Special Webinar with OD Network – Information and Registration

At Axiogenics, we’re proud to be in partnership with OD Network to bring our game-changing, science-backed tools and methods to the world of Organization, Leadership, and Talent Development.

To that end, we’re presenting a free 90-minute webinar for senior leaders who are looking for innovative, science-backed solutions and approaches that go beyond current mainstream “best practices” to help them deliver breakthrough new results in every area of OD.

The Science of Neuro-Axiology:
Driving OD, LD, and TD to a Whole New Level

Discover how this game-changing science is empowering a new paradigm
for Talent, Leadership, and Organization Development

This webinar is similar to a breakout session we presented to a packed-audience at the 2018 OD Network Annual Conference. In the words of one international attendee, “What you presented were some of the most exciting new ideas that I’ve seen in 20 years of OD. That it’s all based in science makes it even more compelling.”

What makes neuro-axiology (mind-brain science + value science) a game-changer for OD (and LD/TD) is how it enables practitioners to measure and maximize the quality of people thinking to significantly increase the effectiveness and ROI of OD Functions.

Not only will you gain valuable new tools and practices you can immediately use in your current OD work, but also insights into how this unique cognitive-behavioral science will transform the future of OD and how you can help lead the way.

Webinar Dates and Times:

  • Thursday, Jun 13 @ 1:00pm – 2:30pm ET (Last one!!)
    Can’t make this date? Use use the form below to indicate such and we’ll keep you posted on other options.

To register simply complete the registration form below.


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A simple question that’s transforming lives and organizations!

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