Why Consider Becoming a
Certified Axiogenics Partner?

Because you want to make a bigger difference for more people and/or organizations,
… because you want to be able to deliver
the most effective, game-changing,
science-based, evidence-driven,
valuegenic (value generative)
coaching, training, and consulting
services on the planet.

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What Does it Mean to be an Axiogenics "Partner"?

“Partner” means we don’t just train and certify professional coaches, trainers, and consultants to use our leading-edge tools, systems, methodologies, and processes. We “partner” with them to unleash the best in human potential through the science of neuro-axiology.

Axiogenics Certified Partners deliver coaching, training, and consulting services to a huge range of individual, team, and organizational clientele in virtually every walk of life and business. They have the tools, knowledge, skills, and materials to deliver game-changing transformational services no matter who their target client, market, or niche may be.

Our science-driven systems enable our Certified Partners to deliver unprecedented results through:

  • Valuegenic Self-Leadership Development
  • Valuegenic People Leadership Development
  • Valuegenic Organizational Leadership Development
  • Valuegenic Organizational Culture Development
  • Hiring, Selection, and Onboarding Related Services
Our global family of partners enjoy open access to an unprecedented level of ongoing training and support to help further their knowledge, skills, and success.
Axiogenics Delivers

Training and Certification Process Overview

The first step in becoming a Certified Axiogenics Partner is to complete our Self-Leadership Development program with one of our existing Certified Partners or in a company-run cohort. This is about becoming a “product of the practice” of being a Valuegenic Self-Leader is life-changing all on its own and is the foundation of all our partners provide to their clients.

Following the Self-Leadership program, our formal training includes a 75-minute online self-study video course, about 30 hours of live interactive group training over 10-18 weeks, up to 6 hours of private mentoring as you work with your first clients, and a certification exam process.

And we don’t stop there. Our Partners also enjoy ongoing twice-monthly MasterMind Zoom Conferences, a library full of additional resources and materials for sales and marketing tools, articles, webinar recordings, and other materials. Plus, access to our executive team members for help and support. 

We do not require ICF certification and do not train explicitly on the ICF Core Coaching Competencies. However, the training and its hours can be used as CCE credits toward higher ICF certification and maintenance levels. 

New Coaching and Training Cohorts Starting Soon!

ProgramPlanned Start Date
Self-Leadership DevelopmentWednesdays @ 3:00pm ET Starting June 21th, 2023
Self-Leadership DevelopmentTuesdays @ 1:00pm ET Starting July 18th, 2023
Certification TrainingTuesdays @ 4:00pm ET Starting in August 2023

Additonal cohorts can be formed as needed or for private groups.

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