“Progress is impossible without change
and those who cannot change their minds,
cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Made possible by ground-breaking developments in the cognitive sciences…

The master-competency of Cognitive Self-Leadership is transforming how people think and work.
(Discover the key that your learning and development strategy may be missing.)


Do you think Cognitive Self-Leadership could be
The Holy Grail
of Leadership, Talent, and Organizational Development?

Yes Indeed!  Maybe. But, I Need More Info.  I Don’t Think So

Cognitive Self-Leadership is a learnable master-skill. In fact, it is one of the most important skills that anyone can learn or that any leadership, talent, or coaching professional can teach.

Yes, teach!

In a fraction of the time you might imagine, clients and program participants in our Self-Leadership 1-2-3 Program:

  • Identify and break through their own sabotaging habits, barriers, limits, and perceptions;
  • Unlock and develop the untapped potential of their own unique cognitive skills and assets;
  • More quickly acquire, develop, and apply new skills, talents, knowledge, and wisdom;
  • Learn to bring their A-Game to life every day, even in situations of high stress;
  • Produce and sustain unprecedented performance improvements and results.

All made possible, for the first time in history, thanks to the game-changing, mind-brain science-based technology of NCRT — Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling pioneered by Axiogenics.

And that’s just the beginning! 


What People are Saying...

  • There have been many times in my interaction with others that something will go awry. The question immediately asked is "what happened?" Well utilizing the Axiogenics process will help answer the question. This program is AMAZING!

    ~ Kathy Weitzel

  • “As a leadership development coach I am particularly tuned in to the importance of understanding my perceptions regarding how I add value (or not) in various situations. One of the best tools I’ve discovered in assisting with clarification of value perceptions is the Axiogenics VQ profile assessment. The coaching process helped me to reflect deeply on my personal strengths, identify barriers to my success, and gave me sustainable strategies for accomplishing meaningful changes. I highly recommend Axiogenics as a valuable set of tools for executive transformational change. “

    ~ Sandy Carter, MBA, PhD, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) 

  • I always thought life was simple but we complicate it in an effort to feel important or intellectual. I did not exactly know that our minds hold so much power as to sabotage us so subtly and for so long. Axiogenics has helped me to rediscover the simplicity of success in all activities, be they mundane or life changing. I would recommend The Self Leadership Program to everyone who is seeking renewed excitement in the art of living.

    ~ David Njau

  • "This life-changing process details the machinations of brain works. I come to better understand what has kept me from greater successes but, more importantly, it has taught me how to apply my own talents and wisdom to get there. I find myself more thoughtful of others, more action oriented, less apt to procrastination and ever mindful of value generation. I have learned to think differently and more deliberately. But, surprisingly and more significantly, my new and more positive behaviors are becoming my new normal – more automatic and requiring less and less deliberate effort. I am eternally grateful for this program.”

    ~ CJ Rice, PMP, CJR Consulting

  • Lisa TeetsThis was such a valuable program for self-leadership! The better any leader can get at leading themselves, they will see an exponential improvement in their ability to lead others and lead their organization. In this program, individuals gain objective insight into how they see and think about the world. It is a humbling experience as well as empowering because the process takes this beyond rhetoric to real-life transformation. I would recommend this program to every leader

    ~ Lisa Teets, Think Possibility!

  • “I say this without hyperbole: I am indebted to what I learned in the Axiogenics Program. The program has helped me both professionally and personally to look deeper into what matters most. In my business (investment management), the ability to make sound qualitative and quantitative decisions is paramount to success. From the onset, the training served as a personal laboratory that increased the overall awareness of my own thinking patterns and triggers, which were blocking my desired outcomes. Although I am still a work in progress, I am grateful to have found Axiogenics at this juncture in my life. Indeed the future looks bright as my personal and professional career are in a better place....onward and upward!”

    ~ Bryan Sykes, Founder of Integrated Wealth Consultants

  • I have experienced many coaching models, and have had some destructive experiences, so I was cautious but curious. I got so much value from the knowledge, processes ,and self-directed nature of this course. I starting shifting things and seeing positive change even after pre-reading the materials. This work has legs! I highly recommend it, and I have encouraged some of my friends and colleagues who coach clients to explore the Axiogenics model. The way the work is set up reduces, if not eliminates, the idea that someone is uncoachable. I strongly encourage people to experience it first hand for themselves. 

    ~ Brooke Lieb

  • “As a successful personal and business coach for over 25 years, taking precious time to engage in the kind of personal and professional development that can propel me forward has always been important. Axiogenics and NCRT is way beyond, yet so much more practical, applicable, and actionable than anything else I've ever seen, including 20 years of studying axiology."

    ~ Judy Sabah, Master Certified Coach

  • “I have been involved in self-improvement and leadership programs for over three decades, and nothing I have ever experienced compares with Axiogenics! This is not another program that sits on the shelf! The things I have learned are so effective that I find myself wanting to keep getting better and better at them. Every time I actively use my "high-VQ" Cognitive Assets, the benefits are immediate and effect both how I feel and what I accomplish. This is a true 'game changer' for anyone that chooses to study Axiogenics. It changed my life!”

    ~ Donna Nelson - Havasu Success Coaching